D.H. Lawrence Ranch Initiatives Projects

The D.H. Lawrence Ranch Initiatives embrace collaboration inside and outside of the University of New Mexico. The continued interest in D.H. Lawrence is a driving force in exploring and expanding the opportunities for studying the man, his writing, his environment, and his impact.

In partnership with the University of New Mexico's Facilities Management, the Initiatives strive to become a platform to offer the residents of New Mexico, UNM students, faculty and staff, as well as visitors from all over the world access points for engaging in a lively exchange.

The Taos Summer Writers' Conference, which was founded by Sharon Oard Warner in 1998, represented a first step in creating a connection between the University of New Mexico and the D.H. Lawrence Ranch.

The Initiatives hope to secure University and public support for a seed project that was initiated by Professor Kramer Woodard in the School of Architecture and Planning in 2010. Students visited the Ranch first created an assessment of the site and then developed a longterm vision for future opportunities. The proposal can be viewed here.

Underwritten projects include supporting a UNM Museum Studies class dedicated to creating an inventory of the Ranch.

Collections in Context: Taos, MSST 429/529 (Syllabus outline available here.)

A Museum Studies interpretation class is envisioned for Fall 2018.Rananim TSWC Online

The Rananim Online Writing Workshops served as a platform for realizing Lawrence's dream of a utopian society of artists. These workshops initially were intended to enhance the Taos Summer Writers' Conference around the time the Initiatives were called into life by the Provost's Office of The University of New Mexico in 2014. Workshops were offered until 2018 when University-wide restructuring forced the Initiatives to discontinue the model.