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Rananim Testimonials

Past workshop participants’ praise for Amy Beeder

“Amy is great. I love her heart and knowledge as a poet. She treats us as colleagues and contemporaries, and not as students. She demonstrates the perfect combination of treating our work with kindness and identifying what needs fixing.”

“It was a privilege to work with Amy.”

“Amy is a skilled and generous teacher, always energetic and engaged, always able to critique out of a deeply felt desire to bring out the best poet in everyone.”

“Amy Beeder is fantastic–knowledgeable, friendly, inspiring, and encouraging.


Past workshop participants’ praise for Steve Benz

“Excellent in all ways! I left with such an increased knowledge of style in both writing and reading.”

“Steve gave concrete and helpful information, which enhanced my own writing immediately.”

“Steve is a great instructor. So informative and supportive.”

“I was so appreciative of all the work Steve put into the preparation for this workshop. The information and writing prompts he posted were very helpful.”


Past workshop participants’ praise for Dan Mueller

“Dan is a great, effective, supportive instructor.”

“Dan is very encouraging and has a lot of great ideas.”

“Dan was immediately engaging. His knowledge and expertise are tremendous. The exercises he gave, while challenging, turned out to be so worthwhile.”

“Dan is simply a class act!”


Past workshop participants’ praise for Emily Rapp

“Emily Rapp is an excellent teacher. She far exceeded my very high expectations.”

“Dynamite instructor who puts a lot into her job.”

“Emily has tremendous energy, obvious talent, and exudes kindness to her students. I learned a lot!”

“Fantastic! Emily was such a great teacher, so supportive and helpful.”


Past workshop participants’ praise for Summer Wood

“Summer is a marvel: she is warm and generous in her manner. I feel so lucky to have learned from her and to be her student.”

“Summer is a wise, experienced, knowledgeable, and seasoned teacher.”

“Very high attention paid to the craft of writing. Summer’s feedback alone justified the price of the course.”

“Summer provided a warm and giving atmosphere throughout the course of the workshop.”