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Michael Mauldin, Composer – Experiencing the DH Lawrence Ranch

September 27, 2016


In the early 70’s, I was a grad student in composition at UNM.  Dale Kempter, Director of the Albuquerque Youth Symphony, offered to premiere my first full-orchestra piece, “Three Jemez Landscapes.”  He invited me to attend the group’s summer camp at DH Lawrence Ranch.  I hadn’t been there before, so I got lost and was late.  Dale had to start rehearsing without my being there.  When I got to the parking lot, I was stunned by the view of the mountain and the valley below, and by the sound of my music, now fleshed-out & floating over the bigger-than-life landscape.  I could hardly walk.  

Michael Mauldin‘s catalogue contains over 90 works, for students and professionals, from chamber music, orchestral and choral music, to pieces for harp, organ, guitar and piano.  His music is tonal and accessible, yet distinctive and memorable.  It often portrays the power and magic of the rugged beauty and ancient cultures of his adopted state of New Mexico.